Two-Toned Diamonds Knitted Infinity Scarf [PAID Knitting Pattern]

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Wear This Impressive Two-Toned Diamonds Knitted Infinity Scarf

Keeping yourself stylish and warm is easy in this two-toned diamonds knitted infinity scarf.

A woman a two-toned knitted scarf with textured patterns and text which says "Free Pattern: TWO-TONED DIAMONDS KNITTED INFINITY SCARF,"

This knitted cowl flaunts a charming two-color design and a great textured pattern.

The PAID knitting pattern gives steps to make this knitted cowl in one size. The finished size of this two-toned knitted cowl measures approx. 7.8 inches wide and 55 inches long.

In metric measurements, the finished size of this knitted cowl measures approx. 19.5 cm wide and 140 cm long. Using a bit of seaming, you can join both ends of this finished scarf together to make a stunning cowl.

Marie Segares who owns the Underground Crafter website made the design for this lovely knitted scarf.

Access the PAID pattern for this chic two-toned knitted cowl from her website.

To access the PAID knitting pattern for this stylish two-toned diamonds knitted infinity scarf, click here: Two-Toned Diamonds Infinity Scarf Pattern.

Featured image(s): Underground Crafter – thank you!

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