Two Knitters Prove You Can Make A Difference

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At 90 and 95 Years Of Age They Make A Huge Difference To Children’s Lives Around The World

The two best friends make knitted dolls to sick children from different corners of the world.

The 95-year-old Canadian Bobbie Webster says her pay is the sheer joy she gets from giving. She explains how it all started:

“I started out by making a few and giving them to my daughter…for the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton.”

Some of the sick children had no toys with them when they were flown to the hospital.

“They’d just take the little dolls, and they just cuddle right up to them.”

Webster dearest friend and knitting buddy is Eileen Hippe who is 90 years of age. The two ladies have a very close friendship that started way back in 1945. Hippe spends the winters living with Webster and together they sit for hours, knitting away.

“We can sit like this for hours, in the afternoon, or in the morning, and never say two words to each other…I think that means we’re good pals.” says Webster with a laugh.

These two incredible ladies who used to knit hats, scarves, mitts and so on, decided to help out by knitting the dolls for the sick kids. These little dolls have now traveled the world to hospitals in Russia, India, Iraq and Iran.

Webster received an amazing accolade for their efforts from Iran in the form of a letter from a gentleman who had visited the hospital there.

“It was a thank you for sending the dolls, and it turns out that he was the Minister of Health for Iran.”

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Two great knitting buddies at work creating knitted dolls for sick children all over the world.


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