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Top Ten Knitting Tips [A How To Video Knitting Tutorial]

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Try Out These Top Ten Knitting Tips

In this video tutorial, we are going to take a look at the top ten knitting tips for when you are starting out knitting.

However, even more seasoned knitters will probably find some of these techniques useful.

We have outlined the 10 tips you can find in this video below. The numbers in brackets are the number of minutes into the video where you will find that particular tip

  1. Which yarn and needles should I use? (0:56)
  2. How should I hold my needles? (2:02)
  3. How do I start my second row? (3:35)
  4. Why should I make a tension swatch? (5:26)
  5. How do I count my stitches and rows? (6:48)
  6. I’ve put my knitting down, how do I start again? (11:56)
  7. How can I pick up a dropped stitch? (13:17)
  8. How should I join a new ball of yarn? (16:15)
  9. How do I use a lifeline? (18:15)
  10. Which is the best way to sew in yarn ends? (23:23)

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Watch this great video tutorial and learn a few new knitting techniques!

This great video tutorial has been put together by Wool And The Gang – thank you!

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