Toesties Garter/Rib Knitted Slippers [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Put On These Cheerful Toesties Garter/Rib Knitted Slippers

Pick these stylish Toesties Garter/Rib Knitted Slippers as your next knitting project. With this gorgeous pair of slippers you will be happy every time you arrive home and jump into them.

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In fact, any slippers-lover would be happy to get a pair as a gift.

This knitting project is ideal for more advanced knitters who have some previous experience with double pointed needles.

Do you want to know how to use double pointed needles? Check out our tutorial here: Knitting Using Double Pointed Needles [A How To Knitting Tutorial]

The instructions given with this FREE knitting pattern comes in one size. However, the final size is absolutely up to the knitter.

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These amazing rib knitted slippers are a fantastic design by Megan Mills.

In addition, you can access the fabulous pattern for these lovely knitted slippers for FREE, by visiting Megan’s website.

Lastly, to access to this FREE knitting pattern for these handsome toesties slippers with its rib knitted design, click on the link here: Toesties Garter/Rib Slippers Pattern.

Featured image(s): Megan Mills – thank you!

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