Tidy Tweed Knitted Satchel [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Carry Your Essentials In This Tidy Tweed Knitted Satchel

This tidy Tweed knitted satchel is guaranteed to be an instant favorite. Use to it carry your phone, pen, and other valuables for a neat and mess-free outing!

Photo of a blue knitted satchel which says  "Free Pattern: tidy Tweed knitted satchel, theknittingspace.com"

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Once completed, the knitted satchel should measure approximately 10 inches high and around 13.75 inches wide, minus the straps.

In metric units, the finished knitted bag should have a height of about 25 cm and width of roughly 35 cm.

This knitting pattern is a brilliant design by Jem Weston.

In fact, you can access the FREE downloadable pattern for this neat knitted satchel from the Love Crafts website.

Finally, to access the FREE downloadable pattern for this spiffy knitted bag, please click on this link: Tweed Satchel Pattern.

You will need to be signed into the Love Crafts website to download this knitting pattern. It is completely FREE to sign up with the website.

Featured image: Jem Weston – thank you!

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