Three Stitch Attached ICord [A How To Knitting Tutorial]

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Learn How To Make The Three Stitch Attached ICord

In this video tutorial you will learn how to make the three stitch attached icord.

Using an attached icord is a great decorative way of finishing off your knitting project which gives it a fully finished look.

The 3-stitch icord bind not difficult to do and the uses for the attached icord method are many.

You could, for instance, use it to finish off sleeves, vest armholes, bags, pockets, etc.

This method is virtually identical to the applied icord bind off. The main difference is that the bind off technique is used when you have live stitches.

Our tutorial will also give you some tips and advice on how to pick up stitches along your knitting. You can then apply the attached icord to your new stitches.

If you are looking for a knitting project to test this method out on, here is a great pattern: Knitted Squishy Waffle Blanket [FREE Knitting Pattern]

Sara Delaney over at WEBS has made a great video tutorial. The tutorial shows you how to attach a 3-stitch icord to your knitting project.

Watch Sara in this video and learn how to do the 3-stitch attached icord!

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