Switchback Knitted Cabled Scarf [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Flaunt This Stylishly Comfy Switchback Knitted Cabled Scarf

Beat the cold weather with this Switchback knitted cabled scarf. Complete your stylish ensemble with this cozy yet chic addition.

Making this cold season must-have is more suited for an intermediate to an experienced knitter.

The cable design throughout the knitted scarf gives it a good textured look and feel.

Not familiar with the cable stitch? Master it using this great tutorial. Click here: Making Knitted Cables [A How To Tutorial]

The finished size of this cozy knitted cabled scarf is 8 inches in width and 64 inches in length.

In metric measurements, this translates to a width of approx 20.3 cm and a length of 163 cm.

The very creative Rae Blackledge made the design for this classic yet updated version of a knitted cabled scarf.

Download the FREE pattern for this comfy knitted cabled scarf from Willow Yarns.

To download the FREE pattern of this modern take of a Switchback knitted cabled scarf, please follow this link: Switchback Scarf Pattern

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