Strawberry Pudding Knitted Slippers [FREE Knitting Pattern]

Make These Lovely Strawberry Pudding Knitted Slippers For Mom And Daughter

These Strawberry Pudding knitted slippers are the perfect gift for a mother and daughter.

Photo of a person's feet wearing a pair of pink knitted slippers with buttons with text which says "Free Pattern: Strawberry Pudding knitted slippers,"

The pattern comes with instructions for how to knit these great lace slippers in seven different sizes.

The lovely lace pattern is knitted using a lace chart. Not familiar with reading a lace chart?

We have a great video tutorial that you can find here: How To Read A Lace Knitting Chart.

You will need to do a little bit of seaming to finish off the knitted slippers. You may want to consider using the mattress stitch for this.

Not familiar with the mattress stitch? Here is a great video tutorial: Mattress Stitch Seaming [Video Tutorial].

In fact, you can access the FREE pattern for these great knitted garter stitch slippers with a lace design from Drops Design.

To access the free knitting pattern for these lovely garter stitch lace slippers, please click here: Strawberry Pudding Slippers Pattern.

NB! The price you see in top right corner when you click the link is NOT for the pattern – THE PATTERN IS FREE. The price is for the yarn if you choose to buy yarn from Drops Design. 

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