Straightforward Knitted Fingerless Mitts [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Add Style To Your Outfit With These Straightforward Knitted Fingerless Mitts

These straightforward knitted fingerless mitts will definitely make your getup look more cool and fashionable. They’ll be an instant favorite!

Photo of a person's hand wearing a teal knitted fingerless mitt with text which says " Free Pattern", followed by the knitting space logo

In fact, this pattern is ideal for confident beginners looking for more challenging knitting projects.

Once finished, the fingerless mitts should be approximately 7 inches long and measure about 7.5 inches around the palm.

In metric units, the knitted mitts should have a length of about 18 cm and should measure approximately 19 cm around the palm.

They should fit women’s small to medium.

The pattern for these knitted fingerless gloves is a design by Mone Dräger.

You can access the FREE downloadable pattern for this set of knit fingerless mitts

To access the FREE downloadable pattern for these cool knitted mitts, please click on this link: Straightforward Mitts Pattern.

The pattern is available in both English and German.

Featured image: GuapaM – thank you!

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