A Look Behind The Scene At Vogue Knitting LIVE (NY)

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[Video] Meet StevenBe And His Staff And Watch What They Are Up To Before And During The Event!

“Be inspired. Be brilliant. Be limitless.”

Steven Berg, aka StevenBe, is a fiber artist who started his knitting career at a young age. After graduating, he became VP of design at Perry Ellis.

These day you find him at the restored Firehouse in Minneapolis. StevenBe runs and number of classes and events. He also has an online shop. You can find out more from his website: StevenBe

This video gives you an insight into how StevenBe and his team prepared for the show as well as how the show went for them …

StevenBe, Episode One: Knit York from sureCAN productions on Vimeo.

Image: StevenBe

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