Simple Knitted Sample Hat [PAID Knitting Pattern]

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Sport This Simple Knitted Sample Hat Anytime

Creating this simple knitted sample hat is a joy. This allows you to learn rapidly six easy stitches by using only basic knit and purl techniques.

You can use one color for this knitted sample hat but you can also use leftover yarns to add more color and texture.

This simple knitted beanie allows you to practice different stitches easily. Any beginner knitter will find this project a delight to work on.

The PAID pattern for this knitted sample hat is available for one size only. But, as with other beanie projects, you can make adjustments to make it fit perfectly.

Christine Roy designed the pattern for this knitted beanie.

Download the pattern for this timeless knitted sample hat.

To download the PAID pattern for this classic simple knitted sample hat, please click here: Simple Sample Hat

Featured image: stitchesforsam and  pjdriscoll – thank you!

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