Russian Grafting [A How To Tutorial]

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Learn How To Use Russian Grafting

Russian grafting is a great way to join two pieces of knitting with live stitches together. It is a quick and easy method for finishing off your knitted piece in a decorative way.

You use a crochet hook for this grafting technique, but no working yarn is necessary.

One of the great benefits of joining using this method is that it leaves no ridge on the back of your knitting. This makes it great for knitted pieces that is worn next to the skin, such as socks or baby booties.

We have included two different video tutorials for this technique. In the first tutorial from Very Pink, Staci will show you how easy and simple this method is.

In her tutorial, she uses this grafting method to create a decorative seam on a stockinette background

In this second tutorial from Knit Knit Frog you are shown how this technique is used with the garter stitch.

It is basically the same method, but the result looks quite different. In this example, the seam is seemingly disappearing into the ridges of garter stitch. The resulting seam is almost invisible.

If you would like to try this Russian grafting technique out on the baby booties shown in the video, you can find the pattern here: Hodge Baby Booties.

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