A Rocking Chair Knits Hats While You Can Be Reading The Newspaper

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A Two-People Invention, The Rocking Chair Knits As Users Enjoy Themselves

Do you like rocking chairs? What about knitting? Despite what you may believe, this article is not about knitting in a rocking chair. It is about something else entirely. A rocking chair knits hats, and it does so without you using your hands.

Damien Ludi and Colin Peillex are two designers with a passion for furniture. Their invention carries the no-nonsense name, Rocking Knit. Besides the fact that the name suits it, it gives away what it does.

What could be more relaxing than swinging back and forth in a rocking chair?Some like knitting while doing that. Also, some don’t.

That doesn’t mean that the latter should not knit at all. This invention makes it all possible.

Using the kinetic energy created by the normal gliding motion of the chair, the machinery knits for you.

All you have to do is to sway rhythmically while the chair knits for you. At this moment, Rocking Knit specializes in winter hats.

A simple look at the chair would not reveal its purpose. But, if you look closer, you will notice that the chair has a knitting machine installed on top.

With each sway, wheels and other mechanisms get activated. When that happens, the knitting machine starts rolling.

You can read your newspaper, or relax watching TV. Your slight movement will do more than soothe you. It will provide the necessary energy for knitting a hat. Non-knitters will surely appreciate such a device.

A spool of yarn is all you need. The gears will pull the thread onto the knitting round, and the machine will start knitting.

The two designers’ invention combines two relaxing activities in one. So far, hats are the only knitting recipe on the menu.

However, that means that you won’t have to worry about knitting winter caps for the entire family.

Watch this video and see this amazing rocking chair in action!

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