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Restful Knitted Shawl With Lace [FREE Knitting Pattern]

Make This Gorgeous Restful Knitted Shawl With Basic Lace Panels

This Restful knitted shawl is a timeless wrap that is quite calming and soothing in its simplicity.

The designer responsible for this amazing crescent shawl is Briony Singleton.

Once completed, this stunning knitted shawl should have a wingspan of about 70 inches. It should also be about 17.5 inches deep.

If you prefer metric measurements, the finished knitted wrap should be approx. 178 cm wide and approx. 45 cm deep.

This pattern uses a garter tab cast on. Not familiar with this cast on method?

You can find a great video tutorial here: Garter Tab Cast-On For Shawls [A How To Knitting Tutorial].

You can download the knitting pattern for this elegant knitted wrap with lace panels for FREE.

To access the FREE downloadable pattern for this lovely knitted shawl, please click here: Restful Shawl Pattern.

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