Putting Knitting Needles to Community Work

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Oregon “Nifty Knitters” Help Locals with Their Dedicated Knitting Work

Every week, a group of energetic ladies are getting together at the Ocean Ridge Assisted Living, to put their knitting needles to good use. Many of them have decades and decades of knitting experience and for these ladies, knitting is more than just a passion, it is a way of helping the community.

Oregon winters are known to be chilly, and there are plenty of people who need to keep warm. The “Nifty Knitters”, as the ladies’ group is named, come to the rescue, by putting together scarves, shawls and hats.

Among the beneficiaries of the Nifty Knitters’ hard work, local churches, the Pregnancy Resource Center, homeless people and veterans can be found. The passionate knitters are doing this every winter, and their labor of love is oriented towards no one in particular.

“You don’t know who’s going to be getting it; you just hope that they enjoy it,” says Anne Soll, one of the group members who has been knitting for the community for several years now.

The group is not working only for the less fortunate people living in Oregon. One of the members, Marjorie John, knitted no fewer than 50 hats and sent them to Muncie, Indiana, where volunteers tied them to poles and left them for anyone in need to get them, completely free of charge.

Although knitting can be hard work when performed for hours on end, none of the charming ladies making the Nifty Knitters complains.

“My arm is still sore when I do that, but I can’t quit,” says Marjorie John while knitting away, with a smile on her face.

The Ocean Ridge Assisted Living accepts donations in the form of yarns and needles, so that the Nifty Knitters can continue their amazing work to keep the community warm.


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