Pumpkin Knitted Bowl Cozy [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Create Your Own Vibrant Pumpkin Knitted Bowl Cozy

Instead of carving a traditional pumpkin during the holidays, decorate your living room with this colorful mess-free pumpkin knitted bowl cozy.

Photo of a bowl of candies wrapped on a knitted jack-o-lantern cozy with text which says " Free Pattern", followed by the knitting space logo

Once completed, this lovely pumpkin cozy should fit a glass vase or bowl that has a circumference of about 16 inches.

In metric measurements, that is is a vase or bowl that has a circumference that is about 41 cm.

The carved out face is made from cut out felt pieces that are glued on once the cozy has been completed.

A template for the felt pieces that is to scale is included in the pattern.

This fun cozy looking like a traditional carved pumpkin is designed by Nazanin S. Fard.

You can download the FREE knitting pattern for this Jack-o-Lantern cozy from Red Heart.

To access the FREE downloadable pattern for this delightful knitted pumpkin cozy, please click here: Pumpkin Bowl Cozy Pattern.

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