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Modern Stranded Knitting Techniques

Modern Stranded Knitting Techniques will teach you to create outstanding projects with modern colourwork motifs!

In fact, this course will have you creating simple dots to intricate designs in no time.

Furthermore, you will add a variety of fun, eye-catching motifs to your knits with instructor Mary Jane Mucklestone.

At the end of this course you will have made a multi-coloured, textured cowl.

In the Modern Stranded Knitting Techniques course you will learn:

  1. Universal techniques of stranding.
  2. How to strand diagonal stripes.
  3. Options for small motifs.
  4. How to change colours with bigger, bolder designs.
  5. To modernize traditional motifs.
  6. To create a sample cowl with an eye-catching corrugated ribbed edge.

As with all our online courses, the Modern Stranded Knitting Techniques course includes:

  • 6 streaming video lessons online available anytime
  • Class materials, including the modern colourwork cowl pattern
  • Detailed instruction, explanation and demonstration
  • Answers to student questions from instructor

Watch this short introduction to the course!