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Finishing Knitting Projects Made Easy – A Beginner’s Guide

It’s all in the finish, isn’t it?

The Finishing Knitting Projects Made Easy online course is a beginner’s guide to the basics but also provides the skills to finish with confidence.

In addition, the successful finishing of all your future projects will be a reflection of the techniques learned in this course with Chris Bylsma.

By taking this course in Finishing Knitting Projects Made Easy you will:

  1. Appreciate what finishing really means, and get tips on preventing common problems.
  2. Learn how to create a horizontal seam (stitch-to-stitch) and easy steps to correcting mistakes.
  3. Move on to vertical, or row-to-row seams, and troubleshoot situations such as seaming garter.
  4. Understand how to combine horizontal and vertical seaming, and how to apply these skills on a real project.
  5. Learn when and why you would want to pick up stitches along a knitted edge.
  6. Learn three new edges and when they are best used – garter stitch, ribbed bands, and reversed rolled edges.
  7. Understand how to master essential finishing tips, and learn about the care of your finished products.

The Finishing Knitting Projects Made Easy course includes the following :

  • 7 streaming video lessons online available anytime
  •  Class materials, including swatch and mini sweater patterns
  • Answers to student questions from instructor
  • Closed captioning availability

Watch this short introduction to the course!