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Exploring Cabled Knits [Online Course]

Exploring Cabled Knits with Patty Lyons will demystify cabling, and show you how to add stunning texture to your knitted projects.

In fact, you will master three scarves, and then a hat with cable and lace before the end of the course!

In addition, this course will help you to overcome those fears of chart and pattern reading.   Patty will define those mysterious abbreviations and symbols often found in patterns.  Gain a sense of empowerment over cabling.

Furthermore, you will learn the foundations of cabling as Patty guides you through six different swatches.  This will establish a comfortable level with asymmetrical and symmetrical cables, traveling stitches, right and left twists, braids and compound cables.

Finally, you’ll learn the basics of blocking, and troubleshoot common mistakes.

By taking the Exploring Cabled Knits online course you will:

  1. Understand yarn selection, yarn texture and various tools needed to create beautiful cables.
  2. Learn how to read cable patterns and charts.
  3. Create swatches with long-tail cast-on and set up rows.  Bind-off and make a honeycomb cable.
  4. Get introduced to cabling without a needle.
  5. Discover how to make a left twist and right twist.
  6. Understand how traveling stitches work.  Practice with a five braid cable, and then a cross cable.
  7. Learn the basics of blocking.
  8. Cable in the round by making a hat.
  9. See how to read the chart, shape the hat and finish.
  10. Apply your new found cable knowledge and get ideas for a cowl, afghan and sweater using these new techniques.
  11. Troubleshoot common mistakes.
  12. Learn how to save a project with blocking.

The Exploring Cabled Knits online course includes:

  • 9 HD video lessons available anytime
  • Hours of close-up instruction
  • Closed captioning
  • Class materials including four patterns
  • Questions of other students answered by course instructor

Watch this short introduction to the course!