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Designer Knitting Improvements: Tips & Tricks

Designer Knitting Improvements: Tips & Tricks is a course that will provide you with the professional tips for optimum knitting results.  Take control of your knitting from cast-on to bind-off.

By taking this online course you will:

  1. Improve the basics.
  2. Learn how to make yarn work for you.
  3. Improve your cast on methods.
  4. Take your knitting to the next level.
  5. Professional finishes.
  6. Learn better blocking.

This course, Designer Knitting Improvements: Tips & Tricks includes:

  • 6 HD video lessons available anytime
  • Hours of close-up instruction
  • Closed captioning
  • Course materials including practice patterns
  • Questions of other students answered by course instructor

Watch this short introduction to the course!