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40 Different Cast-On/Bind-Off Methods

The very informative 40 Different Cast-On/Bind-Off Methods with Aurora Sisneros teaches the best methods for all your knitting projects.

In fact, you will see the techniques done in both English and Continental knitting styles.

For instance, this course will teach you the basic, ribbed, stretchy and provisional cast-ons.  In addition, you will learn ribbed and stretchy bind-offs.

Furthermore, you will create edges that behave the way you want!

Finally, you’ll learn to bind off your projects with an array of simple yet stunning techniques.

By taking the 40 Different Cast-On/Bind-Off online course you will:

  1. Learn basic cast-ons.
  2. Match the pattern of your ribbed projects with the appropriate cast-on.
  3. Discover long-tail, alternating cable, tubular and Italian tubular cast-ons.
  4. Get introduced to the German, Estonian and Italian methods of casting-on.
  5. Try the stretchy slip knot cast-on and see how it works on a cowl neck piece.
  6. Understand when to use the provisional cast-on.
  7. Attempt the traditional bind-off and discover the slightly more flexible crochet, Russian or decrease bind-offs.
  8. Learn the three-needle bind-off for joining two pieces such as a shoulder seam together.
  9. See how the Kitchener stitch is perfect for grafting two pieces together seamlessly.
  10. Learn how to finish your ribbed project with a professional bind-off.
  11. Explore using a tapestry needle to create a stretchy finish.
  12. Discover the Icelandic bind-off.

The 40 Different Cast-On/Bind-Off online course includes:

  • 8 HD video lessons available anytime
  • Hours of close-up instruction
  • Closed captioning
  • Class materials including a cast-on and bind-off guide
  • Questions of other students answered by course instructor

Watch this short introduction to the course!