Portuguese Knitting Can Help Aching Joints

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A Crafty Art Using Knitting Needles And The Addition Of A Knitting Pin

Are you often put off by pains in your joints when you want to grab your knitting needles? Is carpal tunnel syndrome something that has become part of your daily vocabulary?

Don’t give up on knitting just yet. There is a knitting style that puts less pressure on your hard tried joints and it is fun and easy to learn.

It is called the Portuguese knitting style and it’s something that more and more knitters are catching on to.

A few things you should know about Portuguese knitting:

  • The yarn doesn’t move from back to front. It is always kept on the front, so your hands move very little.
  • The yarn is evenly tensioned, by keeping the thread around your neck or using an accessory, such as a knitting pin.
  • The purl motion is nothing else but a flick of the thumb.

Here is a short explanation of how this style of knitting works.

You tension the thread using one of the methods mentioned above, and then you wrap it around your middle finger on the right hand.

You pass the thread on the right side of the right needle, and then you push the right needle through the loop on the left one from the left.

Do not let go, and now wrap the thread on your right needle. Pass it through the loop with a small flick of your thumb. Repeat!

There are certain great advantages to knitting Portuguese style:

  • Your arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome will no longer be triggered, which is great for people who experience pains in their hands every day.
  • Your work will look even and beautiful, because wrapping the thread around your neck or using a knitting pin will offer perfect even tension.
  • You will find stranded color work much easier, since the yarns will no longer tend to tangle.

Andrea Wong is the knitting designer who has been credited with coining the phrase “Portuguese Knitting” for this style of knitting.

In this video, she talks more about it and also gives a quick demonstration on how to do it.

She has also designed a course which goes through the Portuguese knitting style in great detail and which is available on Craftsy. So, why not try this knitting style and reap the benefits.

If you are looking to buy the special pin used for Portuguese knitting, you can find it on Amazon: Portuguese Knitting Pin.

Click on the image to learn more about Andrea’s course!

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