Polar Bear Knitted Ornaments [FREE Knitting Pattern & Video Tutorial]

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Fill Your Home With The Holiday Cuteness Of These Polar Bear Knitted Ornaments

Celebrate the holiday season with this family of polar bear knitted ornaments.

Photo of knitted polar bear ornaments wearing red and white Christmas sweaters and text which says "Free Pattern: polar bear knitted ornaments, theknittingspace.com"

These little knitted polar bears are fun to knit. These are pretty decorations for your home or to give as a gift.

With their body decoration variations, intermediate to experienced knitters will have a good time making this project.

The talented Nancy Anderson created the pattern for these knitted polar bears. The bears are either seated or standing with different variations of what they are wearing.

These darling teddy bears measure in two different sizes, the standing bears measure at 5 inches tall while the seated versions are at 6 inches tall.

In metric measurements, these charming plush toys measure at 13 cm tall for the standing version and 15 cm for the seated ones.

Download the FREE pattern for these knitted bear ornaments from the Red Heart website.

To download the FREE pattern for these very adorable polar bear knitted ornaments, follow this link: Polar Bear Ornaments Pattern

Watch this great video tutorial and learn how to make these cute polar bears!

Featured image(s): Red Heart- thank you!

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