Passionate Minnesota Knitter Explains Why She Loves Knitting So Much

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Even Her License Plate Says “Knittr”!

A local Minnesota television channel recently featured knitting during their Pick Your Passion segment.

Since so many people are really passionate about knitting, it should come as no surprise that this favorite pastime was picked this time.

A group of avid knitters is presented in the footage, with a woman named Cory in the spotlight. And, boy, the way she talks about knitting really makes you want to grab a pair of needles and some yarn.

Did you know that there are more knitters than golfers in the United States? Cory does know, and the good news is that you do not have to hit a special golf course to practice your passion.

You may want to hit, however, the local pub, as the passionate Minnesota knitter Cory does. She goes there for a get-together with her closest friends who also love knitting away.

The group meets every Tuesday, as they have done for the last 9 years, so they can share the latest gossip, as well as the latest tips on knitting.

Cory is quite handy with her needles, and so far she has made some awesome looking sweaters. One of her favorite themes is animals, so you will often find them in her work. Her passion for knitting is intertwined with all the aspects of her life.

Several times each year, she travels to knitting retreats and she never misses important knitting events, such as the New York Sheep and Wool Festival.

Besides these special occasions, where naturally this passionate Minnesota knitter has her needles with her. She admits that she does not go anywhere without her work.

Be it that she is in the car with her husband or watching scary movies with the family, she has her knitting supplies close by to calm her down.

“It sounds a little crazy sometimes, when I say it out loud, but if you are passionate about something, you try to bring it into everything that you do,” Cory says, with a smile on her face.

Even the license plate on her car says “Knittr”, so that must count for something.

Watch the interview with this passionate Minnesota knitter!


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