One Kilometer Of Knitted Blankets For Nepal

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Two Teenagers Have Started The Audacious Project

When Nepal was struck by a devastating earthquake in 2015, many remained homeless and they are still struggling in poverty.

Making these people’s lives a bit easier is now a matter of concern for two teenagers. Echuca’s Kaija, aged 16, and Wyuna’s Simon, aged 15, undertook an impressive project: to knit and collect one kilometer of knitted squares that can be turned into blankets.

They started their project at the Kyabram Scout hall, where they invited 20 other teenagers and taught them how to knit. Their project is named Knit for Nepal, and it is aimed at accumulating enough knitted squares so that plenty of blankets can be made out of them.

‘‘We are asking people to knit 20 by 20cm squares to be crocheted into blankets,’’ Kaija declared in an interview.

According to calculations, if the squares will be placed edge to edge, they would make one kilometer when 4,500 such pieces will be collected.

600,000 families from Nepal remained without homes after the devastating 2015 earthquake. Making blankets for them is something that these teenagers know they can do to help.

The blankets will be delivered to those in need through a collaboration with Scouts, Rotary and Soroptimists.

The project initiated by the teenagers will be ongoing for several months, during which anyone who wants to help can knit and drop squares at the collection points.

These collection points include the library in Echuca, the Echuca-Moama Physio, the St Joseph’s College and the Riverine Herald.

The teenagers even created a Facebook page for their Knit for Nepal project. This is where anyone who wishes to help can get in contact with the organizers.

Together with other volunteers, the two teenagers hope they can reach the desired number of knitted squares for the blankets that will be sent to Nepal.

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