Nymphalida Knitted Mesh Edged Shawl [PAID Knitting Pattern]

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Make This Amazing Nymphalida Knitted Mesh Edged Shawl

This amazing Nymphalida knitted mesh edged shawl will be a great addition to your accessories.

The design has been inspired by one of the butterfly families and this shawl definitely has a butterfly-like quality about it.

This stunning knitted shawl inspired by a butterfly is designed by Melinda VerMeer.

Once finished, this amazing knitting shawl should measure approx. 60 inches by 15 inches.

In metric measurements, the completed shawl should be about 152.5 cm by 38 cm. However, the sizes can be adapted to suit your needs (see below).

To access the free downloadable knitting pattern for this lovely shawl with a mesh edge, please click here: Nymphalidea Pattern.

Please note that there are 2 downloads available; one PDF is for the actual pattern.  The second PDF contains tips and advice for altering the size and shape of the shawl.

(This pattern is no longer available for free!)

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