Nurse Knits Special Cradles For Stillborn Babies

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How Bridget’s Cradle Help Grief-stricken Parents

Teresa Golik knits tiny purple, pink, and blue cradles she hopes the world will never need.

The nurse from Wichita, Kansas hopes to offer a tiny bit of comfort to heartbroken parents who have suffered the tragedy of a stillborn baby by providing them with her knitted cradles.

“I mostly think, well, I hope we don’t have to use them, unfortunately, in this world, you have to have them,”

Teresa’s daughter Ashley lost her prematurely born baby girl Bridget. Teresa took the baby blanket she had knitted and turned it into a little cradle for Bridget.

“Bridget was only 13 ounces, not even a pound. So, it was hard to feel the weight of her and be able to look at her, swallowed up in the blanket. And, so being in the cradle, it felt so much more personable. We could really bond and love on her and bring her up to our lips and give her a kiss, be able to pass her to our family members, who wanted to love on her and bond with her, in those moments we had,” said Ashley Opliger, Bridget’s mother.

Following this family tragedy, they decided to set up the charity Bridget’s Cradle. in the memory of the little girl. The charity provides tiny knitted cradles to families who have lost a child. They hope the cradles will give some comfort to others who have suffered a similar loss.



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