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Morgenfryd Knitted Lace Shawl [FREE Knitting Pattern]

Put On This Stunning Morgenfryd Knitted Lace Shawl And Wrap Around Your Shoulders

Create this delightful Morgenfryd Knitted Lace Shawl and it will be great to keep it in your bag whenever you feel a bit cold. Pick a color that you like the most and combine it with different looks.

This wonderful knitting project is ideal for more experienced knitters, who has some experience with lace charts.

This step-by-step intruction given to this FREE pattern comes in one size but it is easily adjustable.

Do you want to know how to read a lace chart? Check out this tutorial here: How To Read A Lace Knitting Chart

This gorgeous morgenfryd knitted lace shawl is a design by Karen Skriver Lauger from Ravelry’s website.

Download this FREE pattern for this lovely knitted shawl with lace pattern, and add it to your wardrobe.

To access this FREE pattern for this nice morgenfryd knitted lace shawl, click on the link here: Morgenfryd Lace Shawl Pattern.

Featured Image(s): Filcolana – thank you!

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