A Million Knitted Stitches In One Month

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A Challenge For Charity Undertaken By A Newsagent In Mirfield


UPDATE: Julie has now completed this epic challenge. She managed to do it with 15 MINUTES TO SPARE !! In an 18-hour sitting, she knitted an impressive 67,000 stitches in one day!

Congratulations and well done Julie!

Updated: 13 April


Some people run marathons for charity. Others cycle to raise money for less fortunate individuals.

And some people, like Julie Bruce, knit. It all boils down to what you know best, and Julie, a newsagent from Mirfield, knows how to knit.

Her self-proposed challenge is to have done one million knitted stitches in a single month. The purpose of raising money for the Kirkwood Hospice.

This started when a man whose wife died there, offered his late spouse’s stash of wool to anyone willing to do something for the hospice.

There are two noble purposes to what Julie is doing with her million knitted stitches project. For one, she is knitting blankets for hospitals, so that patients can keep warm. Secondly, she wants to raise £400 for the Kirkwood Hospice.

At 120 stitches per minute, Julie is not afraid to think of herself as one of the fastest knitters she has ever met. This means that the purpose of finishing one million knitted stitches is not at all unattainable. However, it will certainly require passion and dedication.

Julie is 56 years old and she has been knitting since the age of 5, when she was taught the craft by her granny. She is married and she has a son.

This is not the first charity project she is undertaking, as she has been involved with fundraising for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Right now, she is knitting baby blankets, bonding squares and lap blankets for wheelchair users.

“I am not very athletic so running or cycling is out but I can knit and if I can help a charity by doing something I enjoy that’s great,” the newsagent says in regards to her ambition to finish one million knitted stitches in a single month.

She also says that she prefers doing something worth doing rather than playing silly games on her smartphone.


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