Male Only Knitting Classes Enjoy Growing Popularity

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A Wool Shop Is Organizing Specialized Knitting Courses For Men

Clicketty Clack, a wool shop located in Princes Risborough, is taking up a trend that has become more and more popular during recent years. The couple running the shop is organizing male only knitting classes, so that boys and men can grab their needles and start enjoying this great pastime.

This, of course, did not happen all of a sudden. Movie stars like David Arquette and Russell Crowe set the trend by showing that needles and yarn are not something only the ladies can enjoy.

The reason why Mary and Alan Clements decided to organize male only classes is simple. Mixed groups proved to be a bit intimidating for new comers, so they chose to create an opportunity for men to learn, too.

Those who so far proved to be interested in the knitting classes come for different walks of life. However, it appears that engineers and designers are more into knitting than people practicing other professions.

The similarity in thought process brings such occupations together, even if, at first glance, knitting would appear to be eons away.

“I have never had anyone go away from a session not knowing how to knit,” says Mary, who is in charge of teaching the classes.

She works with very small groups, so that no one becomes intimidated by more experienced attendees. While men are more than welcome to take part in regular classes, it appears that these male only events are much more popular.

The sessions are two hours long, and the cost is £25 (approx. US$36). All the equipment is provided, so there is nothing the attendees must bring from home. Such conveniences make the courses organized by Clicketty Clack quite a success.

In regards to the age of those attending, Mary adds: “Men of all ages are taking up knitting. The want to make bespoke and custom-made clothes is definitely among one of the main reasons as well as the many wellbeing related benefits.”

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