Should Men Take Up Knitting To Become More Attractive To Women?

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A Survey Weighs Up The Pros And Cons Of Becoming A Male Knitter

Not so long ago, knitting was seen as a predominantly female only affair. Apparently, knitting could be seen as something that could hurt a man’s macho self to an extent that the damage could be irreparable.

A picture showing David Beckham sewing a dress for his daughter took the world by storm and also challenged many’s way of thinking.

To top it all, a recent survey shows that women appreciate a man who can knit (and sew).

However, not everyone considers knitting to be a proper occupation for a man. Weighing in the pros and cons of being a male knitter, people are starting to take sides.

Those who are in favor, think that men should learn a new skill, and knitting would be a good choice. With men being left to do very little housework, they rarely find something to do, other than lazing around.

Knitting would give them a sense of usefulness and it would help them become – why not? – sexier to their partners.

It would be handy for women to have their men create some wonderful dresses and other handmade items that will make them look more stylish and more attractive.

Plus, according to supporters of the idea, men could do that without sacrificing anything. Since knitting is something many multi-taskers embrace, they could see about their football game and knit at the same time.

Of course, there are many who think this all knitting thing for men would just not work. First of all, they argue, there is nothing manly in a man who knits.

Men are supposed to be heroic, go through fire and flames, save the universe and all kinds of such things. Knitting does not fit into the picture at all.

Putting all the Rambo stuff aside, men argue that their sausage like fingers will not be able to knit – as if.

Also, if they do take up knitting, they may just end up repairing their old jumpers, so their wives and girlfriends will never be able to convince them to replace those expired rags.

So far, the jury is out on this one, and it remains to be seen if many men will take after David Beckam after all.

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