Craig Former Ranchers Turn To Making Fibers Kind To The Earth

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Local Knitters Have Access to Environmentally Friendly Knitting Materials

Craig is a small farming and mining town located in Northwest Colorado. Here is where Lorrae and Lewis Moon have been living for their entire life, most of it spent as ranchers.

Not so long ago, they decided to turn their attention from ranching to making fibers by taking over a local fiber mill. As longtime ranchers with an innate love for the land, they immediately thought about how to make their new endeavor one in touch with the environment.

It really helps that the area is rich in goat, alpaca and sheep herds, so there is no shortage of sustainable materials for making fibers in the couple’s fiber mill.

However, their love for the environment does not stop at just using the generous resources offered by the land.

I have always been sensitive to what goes in the ground. I’ve done whatever I can do to be kind to the earth,” said Lorrae, when asked about how she and her husband run their operation.

making fibers | the knitting spaceIt takes quite a lot of time and effort to create yarn from fibers obtained from animals. However, hard work has never scared the longtime ranchers.

The wool taken from sheep can be really hard to clean. It is all cleaned by hand, using nothing but water, vinegar and organic soap made by locals, so that nothing hurts the environment.

The couple’s efforts go even further. Because the water used in their fiber mill is safe for the land, it is recycled and used for their own vegetable garden. They also plan on watering the trees around the mill in order to avoid land erosion. As the area is well known for being very dry, this use of recycled water is more than welcome.

Also, the ranchers are proud to give something for the community to use. Local knitters now have access to completely environmentally safe fibers for their beloved craft.


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