Lulu and Lainey … The Lucky Day

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Lulu – the little French girl who knits – is back and takes her knitting to the Luxembourg Garden in a new children’s book by Lois Petren:  Lulu and Lainey … the Lucky Day.

Released on June 10, 2017, Worldwide Knit in Public Day, this is a sweet children’s picture book for all the young knitters on your gift list.

Here’s a new children’s picture book from Lois Petren, Lulu and Lainey … the Lucky Day, which is the latest book in the series about a little French girl named Lulu who loves to knit with her grandmother.

Luly and LaineyIn this third book of the series, Lulu and her grandmother take their knitting outside to the Luxembourg Garden in Paris.  They visit the beehives, Lulu sails a boat, and rides a horse on the carousel before settling down for an afternoon of lunch and knitting.

An energetic squirrel steals Lulu’s favorite ball of yarn (which she calls Lainey) and takes it on a mad escapade in the treetops.  Check out the book to see how Lulu learns that it really IS a lucky day!

Tanja Russita’s charming illustrations bring this unique story to life.  The illustrations are luminous watercolors that convey the action of the story and capture the beauty of the Garden in a unique way.  View the book trailer to get a peek at some of the illustrations in the book.

Inspiration struck back in 2015, when Lois, an avid knitter, lost a ball of yarn during a family vacation in Paris.

This event became the seed of inspiration for Lulu and Lainey … a French Yarn, her first book.  A holiday book followed, entitled Lulu and Lainey … a Christmas Yarn.

Through this series, Lois hopes to inspire a new generation of knitters and help continue the trend of hand knitting.

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