Left or Right?

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Are you right-handed and trying to teach a left-handed to knit?

About 12 % of the world’s population is left-handed so it is not surprising that things are designed with right-handed people in mind. This includes the world of knitting.

Almost all knitting patterns, tutorials and instructions are designed for us that are right-handed. Having tried to teach my left-handed niece to knit, I found that out for myself. I have to admit that I found it really awkward as right-handed person to get my head around the concept of left-handed knitting.

The first tricky part was to figure out how to teach her to hold the needles, and then how to work the yarn.

When it came to increases and decreases, we ran into problems again. Frustrated with myself, I took to the internet and stumbled across this easy to follow, step-by-step tutorial which shows you the basics for left handers. It is a simple project that includes how to cast on, knit rows and bind off/cast off

Share this video with someone left-handed and introduce them to the joys of knitting!

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