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Knotty Knitted Gloves With Cables [FREE Knitting Pattern]

Make These Gorgeous Knotty Knitted Gloves With A Cabled Wrist

These knotty knitted gloves might be basic but they have an intricate cable pattern on the wrist.

The cable pattern not only gives these gloves some interest but it also gives them a really stylish look.

The designer behind these beautiful gloves is Julia Mueller over at Laris Design.

Julia has written a great knitting pattern that includes a chart for the cable pattern.

 Yarns from

Not familiar with knitting cables? We have a great video tutorial here: Making Knitted Cables [A How To Tutorial].

You can download the pattern for these lovely knitted gloves with a cabled wrist for FREE.

To access the free downloadable knitting pattern for these stylish gloves with a cable pattern, please click here: Knotty Gloves Pattern.

Featured images: Laris Design (varigated) & Ensemble Modern (purple)

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