Art School Students Take On Knitting

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Hands On Knitting Teaches Youngsters At Yucaipa High School How to Get Crafty With Needles And Yarn

Knitting is a traditional craft and one of the biggest challenges those who love it face, is passing it on to younger generations.

It appears that a knitting center in Redlands has found out how to do this right. For four years in a row, Hands on Knitting Center from Redlands has organized a special knitting class at Yucaipa High School.

Art students seem to be quite excited about the opportunity. During the 2-week course, they enthusiastically grab their needles and try to create something for themselves or for those they love. Boys and girls equally are involved in the project.

“Last year when they were here, I made my dad a blanket. He gets cold easily and was not feeling real good, so I decided to make sure he stayed warm,” 17 year old Dillon, one of the male students say.

The high school art teacher Lori Griffin is surprised by the interest the students show in knitting, but she loves it nonetheless. Using materials donated by the knitting center organizing the course, the students are able to make things they can wear or offer as gifts.

The teacher believes that the art students are achieving much more than learning a craft. Because fiddling with needles and yarn requires tremendous focus, the students are learning important skills.

Lori Griffin thinks the sense of achievement the students experience boosts their confidence in learning new things.

One may not expect 17-18 year olds to talk about knitting as being fun, but this is exactly what the students coming to the class think.

“It’s difficult at times, especially when we’re first learning, but as I’m getting the hang of it, I am really having fun,” says Ashley.

She is one of the students taking part in the project.

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