Mom Knits Herself A Replacement Son

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A Knitting Solution for Loving Parents With Kids Who Grow Up Too Fast

Helicopter parenting is part of everyday life in this day and age. Nonetheless, a time comes in any parent’s life when they have to admit that their little ones are fully grown people, too.

Letting go is never easy, and when puberty hits, it is not only the teenage son or daughter who gets hit. No longer allowed to cuddle her sons as she used to, Marieke Voorsluijs, a Dutch mom and avid knitter, managed to find a way to deal with the denial.

Using her knitting skills, she decided to create a replacement for her teenage sons, but one in yarn and stitches, not in flesh and blood.

Her lifelike doll does indeed look like a teenager, with all the usual garments and accessories kids wear today, such as a baseball cap and headphones.

Marieke is not actually as smothering as her project might make her out to be. Actually, she said in an interview that her sons appreciated her humor and how she has used her knitting skills.

They even helped her with her wacky knitting project, since the knitted doll is actually a wearable suit. They are the ones wearing the strange garment in all the pictures the Dutch mom posted on social media.

So, if you are one of those parents who are not ready to let go just yet, here is one handy solution. Marieke is co-author to a book on realistic knitting, which may help anyone in their endeavors of undertaking such an ambitious project.

The Dutch mom describes her work as a “fun art family art project”, and thinks that anyone could follow her example.

Plus, the kids with doting parents could really use a breather, and let someone else, or better said, something else, take the heat of so much parental love, don’t you think?

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