Knitting Naturally Generates Creativity

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It is strongly believed that knitting naturally generates creativity in human beings

There are many famous personalities who knit. In fact, even Albert Einstein was a fan of the craft. Besides him, you will also find Eleanor Roosevelt and actor Christopher Walken among the famous names who knit.

So, are you ready to sit with the greats and grab a pair of needles? You will do yourself a whole lot of good.

Experts all agree that the repetitive nature of knitting is highly beneficial for your brain. And when your hands are busy, your mind gets ready to travel places. That means your brain gets more creative.

Knitting leads to a state of mindfulness

Much praised by psychotherapists, mindfulness is recommended more and more for anyone feeling anxious, stressed or depressed.

Knitting allows your brain to take a break from the constant sensory “assault” around you, and enjoy a state of mindfulness. If you don’t know what this “assault” is all about, just think how many times you checked your Facebook today.

This is the main benefit of knitting for your brain. By taking a break from fiddling with your smartphone, you free up valuable creative space in your own head.  This in turn eases the stress on your mind, and allows you to feel calmer and more relaxed.

Knitting is a creative process in itself. And it rewards you by simply showing you what you can do with your hands. This special neurotransmitter is released by the brain with any feel-good activities.

Being creative is, according to studies, a basic human need. Since the beginning of time, people have created things.  So, put down your smart phone, and hold on to a pair of knitting needles instead.

Featured image(s): Boston Museum of Science – thank you!

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