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Knitting Japanese Short Rows [ A How To Knitting Tutorial]

Knitting Japanese Short Rows | The Knitting Space

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Make A New Project By Knitting Japanese Short Rows!

In these video tutorials, you will learn knitting Japanese short rows. These tutorials include easy-to-follow instructions that are beginner-friendly.

Knitting short rows are needed to lengthen the fabric in the area that you’re working on. These areas can be the bust area, the shoulders or if you’re you adding on some design.

Short rows are also called partial or turning rows.

There are few ways of making short rows. One way of making them is the Japanese method.

A lot of knitters are afraid of doing short rows because it is difficult. But it is actually easy and you can make fun projects once you learn the method!

The Japanese method is said to be the easiest way to make your short rows. In fact, beginners should try it if they get overwhelmed by other methods.

Comparing Short Row Methods

Actually, before learning the Japanese method, take a minute to review the below tutorials for other short row methods:

You can also check out this course in making short rows:

Finally, the below two videos from different knitters will show you a step-by-step procedure of doing Japanese short rows.

The videos are made as a response to knitters who do not like picking up and wrapping during knitting.

Both of these tutorials also use stitch markers to aid them during knitting

In addition, clip markers are needed in this method since it serves as a marker and the “wrap” for the short rows. So get those stitch markers ready before you start.

Staci from VeryPink Knits shows a great way of doing the Japanese short rows with the tutorial below.

Watch how Staci does it here!

Holli Yeoh gives a very helpful and elegant tutorial of doing Japanese short rows on blankets.

Watch how Holli does the Japanese short rows!

Featured image from Jennifer Dassau-thank you!.

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