Knitting Helps Seniors Start Their Own Business

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Their Scarves Sell For 30 Dollars A Piece On Social Media Platforms

Handmade items are all the rage right now and many people love them. Sydney Solem is a senior who simply loves knitting scarves. From her passion, she has managed to build quite a flourishing business.

Her company is called Wrap It Up. It has a solid social media presence.  This presence helps her sell her creations. She also has other seniors who are lending a helping hand.

It all started with Sydney thinking about how to make a little money for yarn, since she loved making scarves. The money was to be obtained from selling some items. The money was then to be used for buying yarn.

Today, Sydney can purchase quite a lot of yarn. Her scarves are in high demand and they sell for 30 dollars a piece.

Sydney and her senior friends are not only making scarves. Headscarves are sold for 12 dollars. They seem to be quite a hit with the younger crowd frequenting Instagram. This is the social platform where Wrap It Up enjoys quite an audience.

“Some of the things that I post on there actually get sold through the Instagram.

It helps the people decide which color they want, and if they want it long or short, or which headscarf they want,” she says regarding the unexpected success on the social media platform.

Kate Dragonetti is one of their many fans. According to her, there are many things that recommend the items made by the nifty hands behind Wrap It Up.

First of all, the scarves are of superior quality, In addition, they are also soft and warm. Also, it is a rewarding experience to purchase something like this from a friend, even if it is someone met online.

By purchasing the beautiful scarves made by Sydney and her friends, Kate feels like she is supporting someone in doing something they really love.

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