Knitting Helps Famous Cookbook Writer Fight Off Depression

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James McIntosh Says Knitting Helped Him Get Out Of Bed After Six Months

James McIntosh seemed to have everything going for him: a successful career, a loving partner, and overall a satisfying life.

Suddenly, a bout of depression accompanied by anxiety and panic attacks turned him into a bedridden sufferer. He was not able to see a way of getting out of the dark pit he felt he had fallen in.

Although an accomplished cookbook writer and host of his own cooking show in China, James suffered the effects of other people’s homophobia and this got the best of him. What made him return to life was discovering the pleasure to knit.

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It was a real turning point for James when he took a pair of chopsticks and a ball of yarn and started to knit. As someone who had never knitted before, he felt challenged.

So he started watching YouTube videos and, without even realizing it, he began regaining his will to live. Only later on did he discover that knitting is a recommended pastime for people with depression.

Learning the benefits of knitting on his own, James decided to help others do the same. After knitting four jumpers by himself, he started a 15,000-mile global knitting party that will take him through several countries.

While on the go, he will continue to knit jumpers, in order to raise awareness in regards to knitting and depression. He will do this along with Sirdar wool.

“My knitting fundraising and awareness campaign is all very light-hearted, but I also want to get the message across that knitting can help you defeat depression,” says the famous cookbook writer.

He is also the only Westerner who has ever won an award for the Best TV Show in China. He recommends men to take up knitting as a means to fight depression. He says to do so privately, if they believe someone would laugh at them.

“The first ever knitters were men, and my advice to any man embarrassed at the thought of doing it is to close the door and do it in private,” he encourages other men who are interested in learning the craft.

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