4 Amazing Advantages of Knitting that Keep You Healthy and Happy

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How Knitting Does Wonders for Your Health

There is a certain peaceful feeling associated with knitting that no one can deny. However, a lot of things have been said lately about how knitting has important benefits for one’s health.

Is this all just a bit of wishful thinking? Or is it real that knitting can help you stay healthy? Here are some amazing advantages of knitting you may have not thought of.

#1: Knitting can ward off eating disorders

Eating disorders are quite widespread in this day and age, and they are related to the mental obsession over food. Knitting was proven, through a study involving patients with eating disorders, that it can ward off this obsession and replace it with something healthier.

Almost three quarters of those involved reported having thought a lot less about food and eating. More than a half reported that they experienced a sense of accomplishment.

#2: Knitting is a great promoter of serotonin

The human body is made of all kinds of substances and chemical reactions, and a delicate balance must be achieved for optimal health.

Knitting helps a great deal by regulating your heartbeat and helping with the production of serotonin. This hormone is called the ‘happiness hormone’, because it is responsible for making you feel good.

People with chronic pains can benefit a great deal from some extra serotonin in their system.

#3: Knitting helps alleviating memory related illnesses

Studies show that knitting is a good habit to take on, especially later in life. The way your hands and eyes move during knitting prevent cognitive impairment, a conclusion that has taken many health care professionals by surprise.

Protecting against dementia involves indulging in such pleasant activities.

#4: Knitting acts against anxiety and depression

With more and more people across the globe struggling with anxiety and depression, finding solutions is paramount. Alleviating symptoms of such conditions can be done while knitting.

With your attention focused on the task at hand, you will let yourself less and less overcome by anxiety and depression symptoms.


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