Knitting Group Brings Together Parents And Children

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The Westport Library Is The Place Where The “Let’s Knit!” Group Gets Together

Back in the days, knitting used to be a bonding social activity and right now, the tradition is being revived by a small knitting group.

The group is named “Let’s Knit!” and it has as one of its most important purposes, bringing together parents and children. The Westport Library is where they meet every other Sunday to knit.

While only ladies and their daughters have been involved so far, they still express their wish that members of the other gender would join.

“We have mothers and daughters, aunts and nieces, and grandmothers and granddaughters. And we wish that some men and boys would join us,” says Mary Parmelee, who is in charge of coordinating children’s services at the library.

More and more women with a passion for knitting are bringing their daughters to the group’s regular get-togethers. Each one has a story to tell about how they took up knitting.

What they hope for now is that they will be able to transmit the craft and the passion for it, to their young ones.

Andrea Drener, a participant in the classes, says that knitting with a group is more than simply learning how to knit.

“It’s teaching community. You’re teaching bonding,” she declares when asked about the significance of these get-togethers.

While one can learn how to knit from online sources, nothing can really replace the level of social interaction generated by such groups. This is what the knitters involved with the group believe in.

There is also more to knitting than social interaction. Because knitting has been proven to enhance the knitter’s well being and mental health, this old craft is recommended to anyone who wants to be healthier.

Besides Mary, all the other librarians working at Westport Library are eager participants in the group. There is no registration form or fee, and anyone can join.

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