Knitted Hats and Blankets for Sick Newborns in Uganda

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A Bermuda Local Knitting Club Offers Help for Premature Babies

It is no longer a secret that nowadays the planet is perceived more and more as a global village. This brings together people and communities far away from one another, in ways that could never been possible in the past.

A nice example of this simple, yet powerful truth is offered by a knitting club from Bermuda.

The knitters, led by a 91-year-old passionate knitter called Olive Wilkinson, decided to offer a helping hand to those in need. Their attention was drawn by the neonatal intensive care unit of a hospital in Uganda, where premature and sick babies are held.

They started making hats and blankets for the little ones, so they can keep warm, while striving to grow healthy and strong. Their effort is supported by other organizations oriented towards showing support for communities across the world.

Adara Development from Bermuda is the organization in charge of starting the neonatal intensive care unit in the Kiwoko Hospital. With their help, the local knitters managed to have their work reach the babies in need of warm clothes.

DHL, the international market leader in the logistics industry, offered a helping hand, as well. They ensure free shipping for the knitted goods, and they will continue to do so for the following years.

The knitted hats and blankets with the final destination the Uganda hospital are a labor of love. Olive and her friends are using donated wool to create the colorful items intended to help those in need.

The neonatal intensive care unit program is one of the most important projects started by Adara Development. Set up in 2010, the program has already had over 5,000 premature and sick babies admitted in the special unit created, and the survival rate has increased by 28%.

“Throughout Uganda, Kiwoko Hospital and its NICU unit have become beacons of hope and care,” it is showed in one of the Adara press releases.

With the help of the passionate knitters from Bermuda, and the local DHL, the babies will now benefit from warm clothes, as well.


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