Knitting Against Bullying

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Oshkosh Volunteers Knit Scarves As Part Of An Anti-Bullying Campaign

The First Congregational Church in Oshkosh has been running an Anti-Bullying Campaign since 2013. Many activities and people are involved, and some volunteers chose knitting because this is what they love most.

Valerie Williams is one of the numerous knitters involved in the campaign.

“It’s an easy thing for me to do,” she says while knitting away one of the many scarves that will be worn by fifth-graders in the fall, as part of their action against bullying.

Over 700 fifth-graders have already received their scarves and they intend to wear them, as a sign that they support the anti-bullying movement. The schools in Oshkosh are now united against bullying, by having their students wear the scarves, if they want to participate.

The kids are more than happy to be involved. Besides the fact that they get to wear some really nice looking scarves, they can help diminish bullying in their schools.

“We like the message because it helps our students to be aware of what could happen in a school setting,” Renee Reszel, one of the fifth-graders involved, says.

Teachers are equally interested in promoting a safe environment in schools. The Franklin Elementary principal, Jami Kohl, considers the wearing of the knitted scarves to serve as a great visual reminder for students. It reminds them that they should always contribute to creating a friendly atmosphere.

The knitted scarves are created with supplies donated by the church and the local community. The kids play their part by wearing the scarves at school. It shows their solidarity with the campaign and what it stands for. The fifth-graders are even taking a pledge against bullying.

In the upcoming year, 9 schools will be involved in the campaign, as their students expressed their desire to wear the anti-bullying scarves.

Watch this great video and see the Oshkosh volunteers knit and talk about the anti-bullying campaign.

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