California Born Mother Of Two Writes Knitting Book

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The Book Focuses On Knitting Sweaters For Men And Boys

Andrea Sanchez has always had a love for crafty things, but knitting didn’t use to be one of them. As someone who was born and raised in California, she didn’t exactly need to knit sweaters to keep her warm.

Now, she lives in Goodyear Heights, together with her husband and her two sons. The love for knitting appeared out of the blue a few years ago.

It happened when she participated in a swap as she enrolled an online community for crafters. What she got was a knitting pattern and a bit of yarn. After struggling with YouTube tutorials and a sleepless night, she managed her first stitches.

From there, her love for knitting has grown. Her first big project was knitting a sweater for herself. Within one year, she was already making samples for others.

One great challenge, however, came her way when she decided to knit a sweater for her first son’s first birtday. Then she realized that there were not so many patterns for boys’ sweaters out there.

Finding nothing to her liking, she went out of her way to make her own pattern. That was how the idea of writing a knitting book specifically for patterns for men and boys came to life.

So, with no further ado, she sent a query letter to a publisher. To her amazement and joy, she got a reply in just one month.

Now, she had to be up to the challenge. The requirements were set in stone, and the deadlines were atrocious. Within less than one year, she had to have 24 sweaters ready with photos and patterns and the book had to be ready.

Her husband helped her on her project by taking care of the house, while she knitted and wrote away. “Great Knit Sweaters for Guys Big & Small” was sent to printing and now it can be purchased from all the important bookstores.

Looking back, she remembers with a laugh that one tough part was to convince her husband to be photographed for the book cover.

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