How Addicted Are You To Knitting?

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Knitting as a Natural Drug that Gets You High, Minus the Bad Consequences

Have you ever thought about how knitting is pretty much like any addictive habit, but without the bad consequences, like drugs have?

Knitting is so close to drugs that it is a wonder it is not forbidden by law. Joke or not, knitting has the potential of being amazingly addictive, but the great part is that being a knitting addict does not harm your health.

Here are some questions to ask yourself and see how addicted you are to knitting.

  1. Have you realized that just like drugs, knitting is done with needles? This is kind of a clever pun, but true nonetheless.
  1. Has your knitting ever kept you up for hours, with the sole purpose of knitting just … one more row? If you recognize yourself, you are pretty addicted to knitting.
  1. Do you tend to spend a lot of money on yarn? Why spend on useless things like clothes or cars, when you can have all the yarn in the world and then some?
  1. Did you have a close friend that pushed you to try knitting? In other words, was your friend “the pusher” who got you hooked on knitting?
  1. Are you trying to get others to try it? Just like any addict, knitters truly think that everyone else should take on the habit and start knitting!
  1. Have you ever spent an entire night doing nothing else but knitting? If it happened to you, then you are most probably one of the most passionate knitters on the planet. Fret not, you are not alone.
  1. Is knitting your way to relax at the end of the day? While others indulge in a glass of wine, or a cigarette, are you knitting away your tiredness and boredom?
  1. Has anyone you know ever told you that you spend way too much time knitting?
  1. Have you noticed how once you start knitting, you find it hard to put it aside?
  1. Have your knitted items ever gotten in the way of other people? If you get plenty of strange looks from passersby when your car is donned in an oversized knitted blanket, you know answer can only be ‘yes’ to this question.

So, are you a knitting addict? Do you wonder about the stages you went through to become a knitting addict? Why not read our article The 8 Stages to Becoming a Knitting Addict

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