Winter Knitting Activities At The Adams Center Free Library

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Group Members Continue To Join For Very Different Reasons

Knitting is a way to pass the time in a pleasant manner, a way to create something, or simply a way to do something productive.

All these cannot tell you what knitting means for different people, a case in point, a group gathering at the Adams Center Free Library for winter knitting.

Anne Baldwin is the founder of the winter knitting group and she remembers how 7 years ago, she met someone at the library and started talking about knitting. From that point forward, Anne and her new found friends started gathering at the library to indulge in their favorite activity.

No previous knitting experience or knowledge is required to join the group. Actually, when Anne founded the group, it was to teach someone else how to knit.

Because of this very accepting policy to join the group, more and more are ready to take on the challenge of learning the craft. Currently, there are 12 people regularly attending the group meetings at the Adams Center Free Library.

The activities are only for the duration of winter, when people do not have so many reasons to go outside. Getting in touch with fellow knitters is enough motivation for many to leave the house and do a little bit of yarning while sharing patterns and witty conversation.

Patty Randall, one of the oldest members, remembers that she took up knitting, because she wanted to continue the family tradition. With her aunt and mother gone, she is currently the one in charge of knitting Christmas stockings and other decorations.

Madeline Felice, another member, says that she joined the group because she discovered that knitting really helps with her medical condition. Suffering from arthritis, she draws advantage from the craft, in more ways than one.

Haleigh Daino, a young woman of 24, finds knitting fun, despite her husband telling her that the craft is something only old ladies like.

“My husband made fun of me he said that, I don’t know, he just thinks I’m hanging out with a bunch of old ladies, which I am, but I love it,” Haleigh says when asked why she joined.

Watch the knitting group in action and hear their stories.

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