Knitter Creates An Entire City Out Of Wool

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Knittingham, As The City Is Named, Took One Year To Make

It took Linda Barks from Leicestershire one entire year to put together a grandiose project, all made out of wool.

Her goal was to create an entire city using nothing but needles and yarn. The result? A gorgeous creation that is now used to entertain kids at a local playgroup.

When Linda was asked to make the project, she was delighted. After thinking for three years about how to make such a large scale project, she knew what she had to do.

knitter creates entire city | the knitting space

Her wool city, now brought to life, includes a fire station, an airport and a school, among other building necessary in any urban settlement.

Linda admits that she is a true knitaholic. Being taught by her grandmother to knit when she was only three years old, she has never abandoned the needles ever since.

“My grandma taught me how to knit when I was three-years-old and I’m just a knitaholic,” she simply admits when asked about her passion.

Knittingham, as the knitted city was named, is not the first important project for Linda. Throughout the years, she has knitted for charity on numerous occasions.

One such project included making small knitted animals that were later sold for thousands of pounds. The money raised this way went to the construction of schools in Burundi.

The self proclaimed knitaholic does not plan to stop here. Now that she knows what she is capable of, she plans on taking yet another impressive endeavor.

Next on her list is a seven feet safari. Seeing how crafty Linda is with her needles, no one doubts her ability to make it come to life.


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