Knitted Woodland Superheros [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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These Adorable Knitted Woodland Superheros Will Protect The Little Ones From Monsters Under The Bed

These super cute knitted woodland superheros are both brave and daring. They are Rocco and Sonia, a superhero duo that flies in to save the day and protect little children from monsters under the bed.

Two knitted woodland toys on a log and text which says "Free Pattern: KNITTED WOODLAND SUPERHEROS,"

Once completed, these delightful woodland creatures should measure approx. 19 inches tall from the ears to the feet. They should also be about 12 inches tall while sitting.

If you prefer metric measurements, the finished superheros should be about 48 cm tall from ears to feet. They should also be about 30 cm tall when sitting down.

These adorable little creatures are designed by Rae Blackledge, and she has rated this knitting pattern as intermediate.

You can download the FREE knitting pattern for these fun woodland superheros from Willow Yarns.

To access the FREE downloadable pattern for this knitted pair of superheros, please click here: Woodland Superheros Pattern

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